Introduction of the Institute

History of the Institute

1. Name of the Society Shri Ratan Singh Edu. & Training Society
2. Registration no. and its valadity 153/Bharat/2001-2002

Name of Chairman and Members

S.No. Name and Designation Father's/ Husband Name Address Mobile No. UID No. Wheather Memeber of other Society/Trust/Company If answer of column 6 yes, Pls furnish detail
1 Shree Dheeraj Singh , President Bhoori Singh Kumher, Bharatpur No
2 Smt. Shashi Prabha, Vise President Phool Singh No
3 Hariom Faujdar, Secretary Agar Singh Kumher Bharatpur No
4 Shree Yogesh , Cashier Kailash Chand No
5 Smt. Kamla Devi Balraj Singh No
6 Smt. Madhuri, Member Vikram Singh No
7 Smt. Maya Devi, Member Tejvan Singh No
8 Smt. Sadhna, Member Gajpal Singh No
9 Shree Ravi Kumar, Member Panna Lal No
10 Shree Subhash Chand , Member Ramdyal No
11 Smt. Kashmira, Member Rajveer No
12 Shree. Dharmendra, Member Mohakam Singh No
13 Smt. Shimla Devi, Member Laxman Singh No
14 Smt. Shakuntla, Member Sugadh Singh No
15 Shree Tenpal, Member Yesh Pal Singh No